4 Essential Makeup “Dos” (and 1 Don’t) for Looking Younger

Makeup is magical. It can completely transform a face or enhance a woman’s features in the most subtle, natural way. And BONUS – if you’re concerned about aging it can help you look younger! But if you’re using the wrong products they can also age you. Don’t worry though – I got you girl! Read on for 5 key anti-aging dos and dont’s I share with all my clients.  


Actually the heading should read retinol EVERYONE over 30! After sunscreen, retinol is THE #1 superhero anti-aging ingredient on the market because it will:

  • increase your skin cell turnover 

  • stimulate your own collagen production

  • minimize fine lines and wrinkles

  • give you a smoother and brighter complexion

  • improve your skin’s texture and tone

The key is not to overdo it in the beginning guys. Your face needs time to develop a tolerance for it. Start by using it once a week in the evening after washing your face and work your way up to 2 or 3 times a week max. Avoid falling into the “more is better” trap which I did. Too much retionl too fast will leave your skin looking red and flaky. I’ve been there and it ain’t cool.

Peachy’s Picks:

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer Night

The Ordinay 1% Retinol in Squalane


If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you’ll remember foundation only came in one formula – thick! Thankfully formulations have advanced and are now incredibly light and skinlike. And this is especially important for aging skin. Now that I’m in my 40’s the thought of full coverage foundation makes me cringe because it INSTANTLY ages me!

As we age our pores get bigger and our skin becomes drier and thinner creating fine lines and a dull, lacklustre complexion. A heavy foundation will only enhance these things but a light, hydrating formula will give our skin the added moisture it craves and impart a youthful, radiant glow.

My go to now is a BB or CC cream. And when I do need to wear foundation I opt for the most lightweight but effective formula I can find. If you’ve got beautiful skin why hide it? For a youthful result use products that tone down redness and discolouration while letting your skin show through. 

Peachy’s Picks:

it cosmetics your skin but better CC+ cream

rms beauty “un-cover” up cream foundation



There’s a reason NARS’ best selling blush is called orgasm. Yup – they’re alluding to “that” glow. Why? Because nothing’s more natural or healthy looking than the shade your cheeks naturally flush. Very cheeky Nars

And the best way to achieve that look is with cream blush! Unlike powder which sits on top of your skin, cream blush literally melts into it. It looks incredibly natural and the best part is you don’t need even need a brush. It’s insanely easy to apply. Pat 3 dots along the top of your cheekbone with your finger and blend outward in a circular motion. Bam – that’s it!

Peachy’s Picks:

Maybelline Cheek Heat Sheer Gel Cream Blush

rms beauty lip2cheek cream blush




I’m not a great cook. Probably because I don’t enjoy it. Honestly I only learned how when Russell moved in because I didn’t want to subject him to fishsticks every night. But I bet if I used Wolfgang Puck’s cookware I could turn out a pretty mean stirfry.

It’s the same with makeup brushes. Honestly a good brush will do the work for you. If you’re not terribly confident applying makeup the right brush will help you feel like a pro.  And if you’ve got mad skills quality brushes will let you “slay” every look.

Two of my favourite brands for quality, affordable tools are Quo (Shoppers Drug Mart) and E.L.F. Cosmetics brushes. If you want to splurge MAC brushes are amazing but range from $25-$50 each. The up-side is they’re very durable and if cared for properly can last up to 10 years.



It’s time to break up with “Matte”‘

Do you know why Marilyn Monroe applied vaseline under her makeup before filming? Because she knew moisture = youth. She also pretty much invented lip gloss. And nothing looks sexier and more youthful than a luscious, plump pout. Matte lipstick is incredibly drying and can make your lips look smaller.

For a natural, hydrating wash of colour try Physicians Formula Rose Kiss All Day Glossy Lip Colour. For a light shine add a coat of clear or sheer colour gloss to your lipstick. I love Rimmel’s Stay Glossy or Oh My Gloss range.