3 Anti-Aging Tips for Looking Younger after 40


If you’re like me, looking good after 40 doesn’t mean trying to look 25 again, but the freshest, most youthful version of yourself. It’s no secret our skin changes in our 40s and keeps changing as we age. Knowing how to deal with these changes (wrinkles and age spots and pores – oy vey) can be an exercise in frustration. It doesn’t help that the internet bombards us with beauty advice often geared towards a younger demographic. 

To help you cut through the noise, here are my top 3 tips for looking youthful.

Should you wear foundation? Yes because you’ll look younger!

An uneven skin tone makes you look old – period. A good foundation will conceal ruddiness, sun spots, and discoloration and will even out your complexion. Making your skin look its best is the first step to looking YOUNG and FRESH.

Our skin can get drier after 40, so hydrating liquid formulas are your best bet. Stay away from thick, heavy formulations which will settle into fine lines and accentuate them. Instead, opt for light to medium coverage foundations that are buildable (you can add more after the first application and it won’t look cakey). If you have oily skin, avoid ones with the words “luminous” or “radiance” on the label – you’ll just end up looking greasy.

If you find foundations too heavy, try a BB cream instead (stands for Beauty Balm). It’s basically a tinted moisturizer with added primer and spf. It’s extremely lightweight with a light amount of pigment for colour correction. 


Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream: Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation: Sephora 

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid: Nordstrom, Sephora.com

 Moisturize – alot.

After age 40, skin becomes drier and loses elasticity which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Do you find this happening to you? Between the freezing temperature outside and the dry indoor heat my face feels like a shrunken apple head doll! 

Before applying foundation, skin should be as HYDRATED and PLUMP as possible. This is an important part of any anti-aging regimen. Using a good moisturizer will create a smooth canvas for the foundation to glide over.  The more quenched your skin is, the less likely foundation will settle into fine lines and pores. After cleansing, massage a liberal amount all over your face AND neck before applying foundation. If your under eye area is dry, give it some TLC with a rich eye cream.

Your daytime moisturizer should have a minimum SPF of 25 and antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E). Antioxidants protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays and environmental damage thereby helping prevent wrinkles. Also, make sure you purchase moisturizer in a pump or tube, not a jar. Anti-aging ingredients can lose their efficacy when exposed to light and air.


Olay Professional Pro x Anti-Aging Lotion SPF 30: Shoppers Drug Mart, WalMart 

Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25: The Bay, Sephora

Blush – the glow of youth!

As we age, our complexion can start to look dull and washed out. Adding a pop of colour to your cheeks is the fastest way to look INSTANTLY YOUNGER! Nothing adds life to the face like blush. Mid tone shades of soft peach and warm pink are universally flattering.

Many clients tell me they’re afraid to use blush because they don’t know how to apply it. Here’s what you do:

  • apply blush along your cheekbone – not the apple (centre) of your cheek

  • place your brush where your cheekbone begins, just below your pupil

  • move upwards toward your temple in small circular motions.

  • this gives your face an instant lift!

Using the right brush is so important! Get a blush brush with soft, full bristles. If the bristles are too hard or dense you’ll be left with a stripe along the side of your face (remember the 80’s?) instead of a youthful flush.

Recommended: MAC 129 Blush Brush; Clinique Blush Brush